Festival Arabesque Mladá Boleslav 2018

9th annual festival of dance and oriental culture Arabesque.ARABESQUE FESTIVAL is held in  Mladá Boleslav,  in the  Czech Republic, 50 km from capital city Prague. Arabesque Festival is a weekend full of oriental dance culture and dancing activities.

Concept of  festival Arabesque is international and serves education and entertainment for professionals, academic and for general public too.

Festival Arabeque official email is    festivalarabesque@gmail.com . Don´t hesitate contact us with your questions.

Registration for workshops, art contest, dance contest solist, duets, groups or other question please create and send via festivalarabesque@gmail.com .  Application for workshops + dance competiton started from 1st of January 2018.


In history visited us : Dr. Mohamed Hassan from Egypt, Bellydancers Samira  and also  Jamilah from Poland , Dancer Katerina Joumana from Vienna, Bellydancer Cora Turner from Germany and Malta, Bellydancer  Warda from Russia and České Budějovice, bellydancer Mona from Liberec , tribal dancer Lady Stania ( Stania Mužíková) , bellydancer Latifah from Ostrava, bellydancer Sahar from Nové město nad Metují, bellydancers and dancers:  Melanie Krchová, Jana Hemelíková Baudisová, Inka Thoraya Prcha

lová,  Soňa Machová, Sidonie, Lenka Dušková, Azza Beya, Gamar Masala, OM dance academy  and others great dancers and groups. 


JOIN US this Year and enjoye festival Arabesque 2018 with us in Mladá Boleslav.


FB FAN PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/festivalArabesque/

NEWS  Festival Arabesque is  from 23th til 25th of March 2018  / FA 2018


For the 9th year of the festival Arabesque is the theme of the art competition published!

Theme for children is different from adult themes artist. As always, however, it remains a unified format, big quarter A3 format.  Art Competition – link on youtube :  youtu.be/miamYptr55k

Theme for an art competition for children and juniors up to 16 years for the festival Arabesque 2018 is dance behind fan - painting, drawing.

Theme for the art competition for adults from 17 years up for the festival in 2018 Arabesque is  medal with technique scrapbooking.

Schedule FA2018

Workshops prices about +/- 25 eur for 1 workshop. Each workop take at least 2 hours.

The dance contest FA 2018  is aimed at festival dancers, should be participating n, at least one or more,   the workshops FA 2018. Includes children's groups, duets, soloists dancres. The competition is open to club dancer without a club affiliation or with.  Participation in workshops concerns always at least two dancers from each group, or a duet (which can be a teacher, or a leader of dance school + competitor). Entries for the competition can be submitted from 1 January 2018. Again, as last year, you can look forward and prepare for solo, duet or with a group. Classical oriental dance, folklore oriental dance, oriental fusion including tribal fusion.

News for 2018 is score of all dance groups. + Verbal evaluation ( after all categories ) . Or via email later on.

TIP: To remain creative and friendly environment in the dance community, belly dancers, we believe that together we can do it!

News for 2018, 9th year of competition: competition in the festival of Oriental dance is for the participants at least one seminar, which will be conducted under the Arabesque festival on Friday afternoon, evening, Saturday morning and Sunday full day .

Categories for the 2018 festival participants Arabesque 2018/ in the card contest = soutěž

Evaluation: technique of dance style/ rendition / demanding of choreography/  compliance with the time limit/ costume and styling / the adequacy of the chosen dance style and music

Winners of adults solo will be invited as teachers and Gala dancers for next edition. All dancers receives diploma. 1st places cup, and souvenir plaque, and gift from a sponsor.

Commpetition fees in categories are different : please check cart contest = soutěž on thiw webpage


If any details you need to discuss, please dont hesitate to contast us via email.















Festival Arabesque Mladá Boleslav


TS Shareefa - Eva Hlávková , DiS.
TS Shareefa z.s.
Mladá Boleslav

9th annual festival of dance and oriental culture Arabesque in Mlada Boleslav city is from
23th till 25th of March 2018


Prodejci kontaktuje nás  s nabídkou, pokud nabízíte taneční oblečení , kostýmy pro tanečnice, botky na tanec,  divadelní a dekorativní kosmetiku , originální šperky, orientální vůně, a jiné. Kontaktujte nás  na emailu  festivalarabesque@gmail.com . 

Velice rádi Vás přivítáme v Mladé Boleslavi a představím Vás návštěvníkům festivalu Arabesque Mladá Boleslav.  

Festival Arabesque se koná od  23. do 25.března 2018 ! Vaše účast je možná  v termínu 23.3. 16 až 20h. a nebo 24.3. 9 až 17h. po dobu konání soutěže v tělocvičně při SOU, Jičinská 1025 v M.Boleslavi, či při večerní Galashow 24.3. 17 -20: 30 na vestibulu sálu DPS Havlíčkova 71 , či v obou dvou dnech.

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